About Us

"SUNMA MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD" member of "SUNMA INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRY LTD", one of the most powerful medical product manufacturers in China, specialized in supplying Disposable Medical Supplies, Medical Device & Equipment, Diagnostic Equipment, Laboratory Equipment, Wheel Chair and Other medical Tools.


"SUNMA MEDICAL" was founded in 2001 by Mr. Sam Wang. Our sale and manufacture center is in Wuhan city. The manufacture workshop locates at Guanshan District, and our sales office locates at Optic Valley District of Wuhan city. 

After a long preparation, in 2008, SUNMA has succeed to set up branch in Hong Kong. It will be more convenient to offer our products to worldwide users. The world will get more chance to know SUNMA.


Equipped with advanced hi-tech producing & certificated equipments, staffed with a team of highly competent talents for R&D and quality control, SUNMA devoted to the development and application research of medical products. Administering the quality standard of 3C, FDA, ISO13485, CE, UL, ISO9000 strictly, our products achieve excellent both in the usage and also in the quality. With the excellent pre- and after sales service, professional knowledge, talented team and superior product quality, SUNMA have won a great reputation from our worldwide users. 

"Seeking Excellent Quality to Win Opportunities, Providing Professional Solutions to Improve Service, Keeping Sincerely Cooperation to Create Future", SUNMA expect the pure honest cooperation with much more peoples from the world!

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