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Hand immobilization glove


hand immobilization glove

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  1. Specifications

    1.It can prevent the hand injury of patients who suffer from daze and restlessness,.
    2.Comfortable,breathable and high quality

    Suitable for It is used to temporarily prevent the hand injury of patients who suffer from daze and restlessness, use medical treatment tubes and may hurt themselves, allow such patients to move their upper limbs freely, facilitate blood circulation of limbs and prevent unplanned tube unplugging.
    Material Features Its highly elastic web fabric is air permeable and resisting to moisture, friction and chlorine, etc. Its functional material can prevent odor, resist ultraviolet rays, absorb moisture and be air permeable, etc.

    Now, medical staff regards restraint as the best way to protect patients suffering from senselessness and conscious disturbance. In fact, studies prove that restraint cannot reduce accidents, e.g. fall, pressure sores and tube unplugging, etc. [1] On the contrary, patients often experience injury, hypofunction, urinary incontinence, muscle loss, cognitive decrease, emotional handicap, disorder and restlessness, suffer from and even die of more negative physiological and psychological symptoms [2]. Therefore, many domestic and overseas researches have explored the restraint on old people at long-term health-care institutions and nursing homes. As proved in these research results, the number of accidents after reducing the number of restraints does not obviously increase statistically [3]. It is clear that restraint is not the only safe way to protect patients, and nursing without restraint is what medical staff should work hard to realize [4]. Therefore, we make efforts to promote an unconstrained device—hand hold gloves (wavy pad).
    2. Features of Hand Hold Gloves (wavy pad):
    1) User can move the joints of upper limbs freely to prevent numerous complications caused by restraint;
    2) User can do nothing as finger joints are covered by base pad, so as to prevent tube unplugging and other behaviors to the maximum;
    3) The base pad for this hand hold glove (wavy pad) is made of elastic plastic, so it will not rupture to hurt hand even if user pats the case strongly;
    4) The case is made of highly elastic and smooth cotton fabrice, which can greatly absorb sweat. A soft cushion is added at wrist to prevent skin abrasion when moving hands;
    5) The case has a front opening for nurse to observe the blood circulation of user’s fingertips and the condition of hand skin. The opening is also suitable for oximeter;
    6) Standby restraint strap can be used for high-risk patients;
    7) It is easy to clean and disinfect, can be reused, and is environment friendly;
    3. User of Hand Hold Gloves (wavy pad):
    1) Patients who suffer from daze, restlessness and have medical treatment tubes;
    2) Patients how have unplugged themselves before;
    3) Patients who tend to hurt themselves;
    4. Application Method of Hand Hold Gloves (wavy pad):
    Firstly, it is necessary to check whether hand skin is intact, damaged or swollen. Select appropriate model according to the situation and hand size of the patient.
    Method for wearing “wavy pad”:
    After use, immerse it in 1000mg/L chlorine-containing disinfectant for 30min, rinse with clean water and dry by air for future use.

    5. Precautions for Hand Hold Gloves (wavy pad):
    1) Check whether every part is secure before use;
    2) Wear based on the condition of patient;
    3) Adjust appropriately if patient has partial discomfort after wearing;
    4) Fastening tape should not be tied too tightly, and there should be a finger gap between fastening tape and wrist.
    The case must be removed at least once every two hours to check blood circulation and skin condition. Attention must be paid to any anomaly.
    Please do not place this product under the temperature with more than 50°C.
    Strictly avoid the contact with sharp objects and corrosive solution.
    The protection pad shall not be used among patients to avoid the cross-infection, and the coat of the protection pad shall be cleaned and sterilized regularly.
    Examine whether each part of the hand protector is secured and no break.
    *[Packaging] Use scotch tape to package, one set per bag.

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